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Tasneem Ahmar is Director of the Uks Research Center, a resource and publication center that focuses on the women-media relationship.
Here she talks to Naveen Naqvi of Gawaahi about how there can be more gender-sensitive reporting in the media.

Ahmar points out that more women in the field could lead to better reporting […]

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This video is shot by Amina Agha. It is produced and edited by Naveen Naqvi.

Salma is a survivor of abuse, who has found a temporary home at the shelter for women in Karachi, Panah. In this interview conducted by Amina Agha, she tells her story of abuse, narrating how she was beaten […]

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Bitter words

On September 17, 2011 By

This digital story is made by Jamal Ashiqain. It is produced by Sana Saleem.

Jamal describes to us a young boy’s struggle to understand the complex relationship of his parents to each other and themselves. In barely a couple of minutes he constructs a coming of age story, in which he reveals the impact an […]

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My body, my country

On September 16, 2011 By

Animated, scripted and narrated by Mehreen Kasana. Produced by Sana Saleem.

When a young girl goes to the bazaar with her mother, she discovers that in crowds there can be unwanted hands. For fear of upsetting her mother, the girl keeps her secret close to her. But her day comes and she finds herself in […]

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