Campaigns & Projects


Street Harassment is a global phenomenon that is largely overlooked, and even considered acceptable. While there has been agitation against the harassment of women in the streets as long as there have been streets, lately, several websites and Internet-based advocacy campaigns such as Hollaback!, and HarassMap have spurred movements against the issue.

Street harassment includes making sexually explicit comments, ogling, whistling, following and groping. Increasingly, women are speaking out against this blatant intimidation by men, asserting that it is not acceptable and certainly, not complimentary.

Of our own initiative and funds, we are working on a series of videos that address this important issue. Click through to see the videos, and read more on the problem of street harassment.


“Spotlight on Women’s Health: Innovative Ways of Increasing Awareness through the Media” is a series of events Gawaahi hosted with Pakistan National Forum on Women’s Health (PNFWH) and the collaboration of United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). The idea behind these two seminars held in Karachi and Lahore was to initiate a discussion between nonprofits and the media across different platforms on how to better present women’s health issues through the media. The programme began with the screening of a short film depicting the true story of a Fistula survivor, ‘Mae Jiyoungi Sar Uthha Kay’ made by Sheema Kirmani of Tehreek-e-Niswan. To learn more on these events, click through here.


GAWAAHI.COM is a completed, self-sustaining project of Gawaahi. It was cofounded by blogger, Sana Saleem and Gawaahi Executive Director and journalist, Naveen Naqvi. A micro grant of a modest 5000 US Dollars from Take Back The Tech!, APC WNSP, PASHA and Bytes 4 All and further support from the German media house, Deutsche-Welle helped create the website. It went on to attract attention from all over the world, and continues to make waves in the international and national media. still receives submissions of survival and resistance, which you will find now on this site. You can read more about the kind of work we produced on by clicking here.