Our mission

Our mission is to work toward making Pakistan a more tolerant, gender-sensitive and politically vibrant society. We are especially interested in seeing women enjoy their rights as equal citizens.

Gawaahi intends to create evidence generated from the stories of Pakistani people through submissions we receive and our own productions. These testimonies will be a great resource for the Government, state, legislative bodies, donors, other NGOs, donor states and the media. In Pakistan, the media, particularly the broadcast media have the largest and quickest outreach, but when it comes to influencing policy-makers, the digital media are emerging as a force. With our backgrounds, the group is committed to the innovative means of social media and Information and Communication Technologies.

In future plans, we aim to give counseling, life-skills training and vocational training to women survivors of violence. At the completion of our projects and activities, we intend to make multimedia projects with our participants, which will be available on the Internet as was done with success in the case of Gawaahi.com.

The Gawaahi circle of women


We believe that in Pakistan, there is a great need for a platform such as ours where people with similar interests can find a safe haven. Here women can speak out, and listen to voices that share their concerns and strengthen each other’s resolves to keep fighting for their rights. In our digital stories of girls and women made by women, we talk about sexual abuse, divorce and harassment in public places. With the Acid Survivors Foundation Pakistan, we made a short video of a young woman who survived two acid attacks, and in her story of overcoming, many readers found strength and resolve enough to become commentators and contributors, thereby healing and sharing. We have found that this is a circle that grows and expands, as their stories in turn became inspiration for others.

As is evident in our videolog, Gawaahi.com gave preference and priority to female mainstream journalists, citizen journalists and bloggers. While we are inclusive of men, most of our contributors have been women for this reason. We demonstrate this in our team, NGO activities, editorial policies and content. The role models on our site are mostly women whether they are bloggers, activists or mainstream media journalists offering tutorials to new media reporters.