What does Gawaahi mean?

“Gawaahi” is the Urdu word for witnessing or testimony.

Who is behind Gawaahi?

“Gawaahi”, the nongovernment organisation, is overseen by a Board of ten members and an Advisory Council of three. The founding Executive Director of “Gawaahi” is Naveen Naqvi.

What is Gawaahi?

“Gawaahi.com” was the original name of the website made with a grant from APC WNSP, Take Back The Tech!, PASHA and Bytes For All as well as technical support from the German media house, Deutsche-Welle. Within a month of its launch, “Gawaahi” the organisation and entity was formed by the Board, Advisory Council and founding Executive Director. The name “Gawaahi” now refers to the nongovernment organisation, and the website, “Gawaahi.com,” is a completed project of that legal entity.

What does Gawaahi have to do with Gawaahi.com?

“Gawaahi.com” is the completed, self-sustaining project of “Gawaahi” the NGO. From the outset when it was a proposal on paper, the website, “Gawaahi.com” intended to register as a legal entity in the form of a nongovernment organisation. “Gawaahi.com” was launched in February 2011, and completed in June while “Gawaahi” was officially registered in March.

Where is the organisation based?

“Gawaahi” (Gawaahi Social Welfare Society) is a Pakistan-based Nongovernment Organisation registered under the Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies (Registration and Control) Ordinance 1961 with Registration No. PCSW (S) 1153.