The mission of Gawaahi is to work to benefit women and to uphold democratic values. We are also committed to the use and promotion of Internet and Communication Technologies(ICTs) or digital media, including cellular technology.

When the group was formed:

Gawaahi (Gawaahi Social Welfare Society) registered under the Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies (Registration and Control) Ordinance 1961 with Registration No. PCSW (S) 1153 is a Nongovernment Organization. The NGO Gawaahi was officially registered in March 2011. However, the Executive Director, Naveen Naqvi, formerly a journalist, was working on the project, Gawaahi.com, since November 2010. After the significant ‘success’ of the site, it was felt by the group, constituting the Executive Director, the Board and Advisory Council of Gawaahi, that there was room to consolidate and expand on the concept behind the project by creating the entity, Gawaahi (Gawaahi Social Welfare Society).


Our Mission

The mission of Gawaahi is to work toward the empowerment of women and upholding democratic values. We are committed to the use and promotion of Internet and Communication Technologies (ICTs) or digital media, including cellular technology. Click for more.

Our Future

We want to help women survivors (of domestic violence) while recording their experiences to create awareness and advocacy campaigns. Our commitment to ICTs makes us want to get more and more people blogging, uploading and talking through digital media. Click for more. 

What we do

We make videos testimonies for awareness and advocacy campaigns, enabling other nonprofits who work on causes close to us. Gawaahi invites voices from Pakistan and the world to speak out against injustice, using videos, photographs and words. It is home to the most prolific global and local citizen journalists, and it aims to guide aspiring bloggers. Click for more.

Who we are

The Gawaahi team is made up of Pakistanis in the fields of health, education, literary arts, social activism and entrepreneurship. Through our work, we have brought voices from all over the world to speak out, bear witness and give testimony to our times.  Click for more.