Tasneem Ahmar is Director of the Uks Research Center, a resource and publication center that focuses on the women-media relationship.
Here she talks to Naveen Naqvi of Gawaahi about how there can be more gender-sensitive reporting in the media.

Ahmar points out that more women in the field could lead to better reporting of women’s issues. When reporting a crime against a woman, the focus should be on the crime and criminal rather than the survivor/victim. Women should be portrayed as survivors rather than victims, and their stories should be of overcoming not suffering. How a story is reported can determine the lives of women — a badly reported story of harassment can persuade parents to keep their daughters away from school/college/university.

This interview was shot by Amina Agha. It is part of Gawaahi’s Tips & Tutorials where we offer guidance to aspiring journalists, especially citizen journalists.

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