Made by Naveen Naqvi.

Nofil Naqvi is a Pakistan-based Director/Producer who has been working in the media and film industries since 1997.

Here Nofil tells us the basics of what we need to know about a DSLR camera. The next tutorial will give you the fundamentals if you have a camera (any camera), and want to get out there and shoot. Watch, listen, and if you have a camera, make a video!

More on Nofil and Gawaahi:
Nofil has made documentaries for various NGOs and nonprofits. Currently a freelance filmmaker, Nofil has worked as a Senior Producer at DawnNews, Producer at the BBC Urdu website, Producer at GEO TV and Multimedia Editor at among other assignments that include the US-based NBC News and PBS networks. He has also been a Technical Consultant and frequent cameraperson with

You can go to to find out more about his work.

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2 Responses to Nofil’s Camera Tutorial – Basic DSLR Technique Urdu

  1. mohsin says:

    i am really impressed about using camera in urdu. plz carry on. thanks about your guidness.

  2. sandeep says:

    sir apka tutorial wakai bahut acha hai… kafi sikhne ko mila…..
    sir mujhe movie making ki jankari chahiye kya ap apna email de sakte hai….. shukriya…

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