This video was shot by Amina Agha. It was produced and edited by Naveen Naqvi.

Lina Ben Menhhi is the winner of the Deutsche-Welle Best of the Blog (BOB) Awards 2011. She won the prize for her ‘online reportage of the abuses committed by the Tunisian regime during the uprising that sparked’ what is being called the Arab Spring. This blogger did not confine herself to her computer; she drove to remote towns where the uprising had begun, and documented the deaths. Her blog is

The interview was conducted by Naveen Naqvi in Bonn, Germany on the sidelines of the DW Global Media Forum 2011.

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  1. Mikael Kallavuo says:

    An cooperative mass media for the 99 percents!

    The non-violence movement is changing the world. The Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street and Spanish M15- movement have been successfully. The question is how they could transform the society for longer time? What is missing from our democracy?

    Not long ago in Ukraine, Georgia and Serbia the people did make a real non-violence revolutions. What can we today learn from these very brave people in the beginning of 2100-century? Why these lands have fallen back, why there is not more equality and more democratic activities? Why in so many democratic countries the new politicians and parties lose their trust? How can we help that the new non-violence movement in Arab Spring, Europe, USA and elsewhere will have lasting effect?

    In a democracy should be a balance between economic, politic and media. But now the economic owns the media and can strongly influence the ongoing discussions and politics. In every elections the parties need a lot of attention to get votes. And most attention they do get from the mass media.

    To the advertising in election campaigns the politicians did spend about 2 -3 bn in 2010 in USA. And those billions are flooding from economic sector (Le Monde diplomatigue, page 10 – 11, September 2011).

    In addition the mass media lifts politicians, which have “suitable” opinions, to positive public eye, like it was reported for example in Great Britain with the resent media scandal with media mogul Rupert Murdoch.

    So when the Arab Spring and other non-violence movements raise a new, fresh generation of politicians to the power it should actively prevent the corruptive influence from the mass media and economic.

    This new movement can change and reform the relation to the mass media, if they would target it as one fundamental improvement in democracy. Noam Chomsky have already decades spoken, that the key to the real democracy is behind the mass media.

    Three ideas how the new movement could make an own mass media

    1. Their financing should be cooperative. All kinds of institutions, organisations, human rights and environments organisations, trade unions, theatres, galleries, hospitals, small communities, individuals etc. could each begun to pay a small payment every month ( 10 or 50 or 100 or 200 dollars).

    2. Together they could make enough to have a professional media maybe with 100 – 150 journalists.

    3. The new coopierative media could get good information and articles from thousands activists, experts and professors. They could create an own place to twitter tweets from different topics (environment, economy, society, culture, clima…). From this massive information flow the editors could quickly pick the best owns and make news and ask assistance from that person how did send the tweet.
    found good information from all topics over the world.

    4. A cooperative media with thousands members could create big media in internet, from where you can get every day important news. And with own experts and croups to different topics it could have better discussions in own internet pages.

    5. It should be cooperative and the members have right to vote editor-in-chief. And the members have an good place to create new croups and initiative.

    Through free and creative ideas the cooperative mass media could influence the public opinion and lawmakers.

    The free and independent mass media could be in important keyroll to a healthier democracy, laws, environment and justice.

    A media for the 99 percents!

    With best regards

    Mikael Kallavuo
    freelance journalist,

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