Animated, scripted and narrated by Mehreen Kasana. Produced by Sana Saleem.

When a young girl goes to the bazaar with her mother, she discovers that in crowds there can be unwanted hands. For fear of upsetting her mother, the girl keeps her secret close to her. But her day comes and she finds herself in a similar scene but as a young woman….

2 Responses to My body, my country

  1. SoftHof says:

    Yes it is true and most of the time unwanted hands work more bluntly when secret is kept secret. The reason behind this attitude is not fear nor it is typical shy behavior of our young girls but it is the self respect to maintain within ones inself. Most of the time it is heard in our social set up that a covered and veiled girl never face such a situation in bazaars and crowded markets, even this thought is an ultimate security to those who did such a shameful act. Actually such hands are feared of touching some one from their own family so they avoid otherwise there is no reason left behind to go for touching girls in crowds. This is the social sickness prevailed in our society and we want our young women to scared of their fellow men for nothing just to satisfy a lust with no prior pleasure in it.

  2. Fatin A. Umrani says:

    I would be pleased if a video link is provided of a site other than you tube, so that its easier for me to watch the videos as well.
    Best Regards.

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